Team Kids Unite: Summer of Service kicked off the beginning of the summer school session at all 30 K-12 schools. Each week, upper grade students met with Team Kids Coaches and College Interns to be part of the leadership team and inspire others in their school to serve others. All Compton scholars were invited to engage in acts of service to help children and families experiencing homelessness. Union Rescue Mission was this summer’s beneficiary charity and has received all the gently used clothing/shoes, food, and hygiene items donated by Compton student leaders. Union Rescue Mission (URM) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established in 1891. Today, they are one of the largest rescue missions of their kind in the United States, and the oldest in Los Angeles.

Since Team Kids launched this innovative program last month, students across the district have donated more than 100 bins filled with donations!

Overall, Team Kids Unite: Summer of Service provides:

  • The opportunity to strengthen a caring school climate, increase student engagement, higher school attendance rate and lower disciplinary referrals. 
  • An experience based learning project that mobilizes young leaders as passionate advocates to address real social issues. 
  • Social emotional learning opportunities, which allow students to build a sense of empowerment, self-efficacy, and advocacy. 
  • Students with opportunities to connect with their peers and give back to their community today! 
  • Youth violence prevention by engaging youth in positive activities to strengthen protective factors. 
Week 1 Challenge: Students wrote and drew letters with positive messages to give to people experiencing homelessness.
Week 1: Team Kids Coaches, College Interns, and WestCoast University Nursing Student volunteers went to pick up donations from all the Compton elementary and middle schools. 
Another picture of most of the donations being dropped off at Union Rescue Mission. 
Week 4: Union Rescue Mission stopped by McNair Elementary School to pick up student donations.