Our Mission

Team Kids is a nonprofit organization with a big mission:
‘To empower kids to change the world.’ We are committed to creating a dual paradigm shift; in the way young people perceive themselves as capable, powerful changemakers, and in how adults view and treat youth as community partners.

Our youth leadership programs are designed to build empathy and self efficacy, while strengthening children’s connections to their peers, school, community, and caring community mentors.

Team Kids Programs


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Team Kids

Anywhere (virtual)

Youth of any age, including home-schooled children & Families
A virtual service-based learning program that enables youth to create community change from home–perfect for the coronavirus pandemic.
$0 cost to schools


Team Kids
Service Days

At specified locations
Youth of any age & Families
Special events throughout the year, such as on September 11th and Earth Day, that allow youth and families to get involved in their
$0 cost to families

Team Kids

At school

New fully virtual program launched

Elementary school students
A school-based, student-led youth leadership program bringing together students with on-duty police officers, firefighters, mentors, and Team Kids volunteers.
$0 cost to schools


Our History

In 2001, 600 students at Vista Verde Elementary School in Irvine, Calif., learned about Jeremy, a three-year-old boy suffering from a rare heart condition.

When the students realized that Jeremy’s family needed $20,000 to fly him to the Mayo Clinic for life saving surgery, they began raising funds through coin drives and a pancake breakfast with firefighters.

Their efforts gained widespread media coverage. Community donations poured in, a Hollywood celebrity gave $18,000, and a local philanthropist offered the use of his private jet, pilot, and fuel to fly Jeremy’s family to Minnesota.

Inspired by the students’ compassion and impact, current CEO Julie Hudash founded Team Kids to help youth make a difference in their communities. Today, Jeremy is a thriving adult and more than 650,000 children have made an impact through the Team Kids Challenge!

20 Years of Youth Empowerment

Backed By Research

Team Kids youth leadership programs are research-based and empirically-validated. We are one of the only education-related organizations to conduct a school-based randomized control trial. Discover the many benefits of Team Kids programs for youth, schools, and communities.



“[Through Team Kids,] I learned that you don’t need to be an adult to make a difference.”

Alaya, age 11

“Team Kids, to me, is an antidote to entitlement and one great way to create the responsible citizens we all want as future leaders.”
Mike Cupps

“Team Kids is teaching kids how to use their skills and talent and compassion to help others, and in that process, they develop their own leadership skills [… and] I think that [police] officers get as much out of it as the young people do.”

Jim McDonnell, Los Angeles Sheriff (ret.)


Change the world during COVID-19 lockdown! Try Team Kids Unite, a free, at-home service program.



Keep remote employees and their families engaged, using Team Kids Unite.


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