Celebrating 20 years of service

Celebrating 20 years of service

What We Do

Team Kids is a nonprofit organization that empowers kids to change the world through innovative service programs delivered from home, school, and in their community. 
We implement research-based and empirically-validated positive youth development programs, alongside on-duty firefighters, police officers, and university interns, at no cost to students, youth, and families.

Hear Kids Dreams…

Kids share answers to, “If I had a magic wand and could change anything in the world, I would…”

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Youth can change the world from anywhere! Try Team Kids Unite, a free, at-home service program.



Keep remote employees and their families engaged, using Team Kids Unite.


Community Partners

Join the growing number of community and government organizations empowering Team Kids.


Helping Kids Thrive

Team Kids strengthens protective factors that prevent high-risk behaviors, such as drinking, drug use, violence, and other actions that rob youth of their potential. Programs also promote thriving indicators, cultivating self-esteem and positive mentoring relationships.

Our Community Impact

“I learned that doing good things doesn’t mean rewards you can hold, it means you get a reward that stays in your heart forever.”
Team Kids participant

“My child has always been very thoughtful about world hunger, but ever since Team Kids came… she’s been NUTZO goodie-two-shoes!!!”
Parent of Team Kids Challenge participant

Backed By Research

Team Kids is one of the only education-related organizations to conduct a school-based randomized control trial, and our youth development programs are research-based and empirically-validated. We aim to create a dual paradigm shift: showing communities what youth are capable of and helping children discover they can create change.


Team Kids in Action

Youth Strengthening Communities

Research shows that bringing youth together with public safety mentors, such as police officers and firefighters, in a non-enforcement setting creates more positive community relationships. Bridging this gap is more important today than ever before.


Our Stories

Jessenia Gonzalez’s Impactful Journey with Team Kids

Jessenia Gonzalez’s Impactful Journey with Team Kids

Jessenia Gonzalez, a graduate in social ecology from UC Irvine, discovered the impact children can have on the world during her internship with Team Kids in the winter of 2023. “Before interning at Team Kids, I had no idea how tiny humans had the ability to make such...

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Celebrating Our Partnership with the Greater Irvine Chamber

Celebrating Our Partnership with the Greater Irvine Chamber

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Greater Irvine Chamber! As a member of this esteemed organization, we are dedicated to contributing to the growth and prosperity of the Irvine community. Founded in Irvine, Team Kids is a nonprofit organization with...

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