Lauren Corah

Operations & Finance Director

“My dream is to spread happiness to those around me.”

Julie Hudash

Founder and CEO

“My dream is to strengthen communities to empower our nation’s most renewable and powerful resource -our YOUTH!”

Lynne Kang

Marketing Coordinator

“My dream is to always work with a purpose and to repay my parents for the sacrifices they made for me!”

Rachel Killion Williams

Development Manager

“My dream is to build meaningful connections, uplift and empower others, and contribute to a positive shift toward a brighter, more inclusive future.”

Tara Klein

Team Kids Program Intern (AZ)

“My dream is to pursue a legal career in providing people with the resources to discover their full potential!”

Jacob LaClair

Team Kids Lead Coach (AZ)

“My dream is to help kids find strength and power in their voices!”

Jackie Luna

Team Kids Lead Coach (CA)

“My dream is to have a career working with kids.”

Lorraine Marin

Team Kids Lead Coach (NY)

“My dream is to live in a world full of love and compassion.”

Isabelle Orlosky

Team Kids Lead Coach (CA)

“My dream is to give children the resources to understand themselves so that they can live the most fulfilling life possible!”

Sierra Richardson

Team Kids Program Intern (CA)

“My dream is to give the youth confidence in themselves to work through difficult situations & achieve their goals.”

Michele Rinehart

Chief of Staff

“My dream is too be a catalyst for positive change that turns ideas into possibilities and possibilities into reality.”

Tiana Rodriguez

Team Kids Coach (NY)

My dream is to always be someone people can count on and be resilient, just like my mom!

Angie Sarabia

Marketing Manager

“My dream is to empower future generations through education and opportunities… and to make my parents proud!”

Benjamin Sheyman

Team Kids Rookie Coach (CA)

“My dream is to be able to go to law school in order to better help those who are underrepresented.”

Tammy Vu

Social Media/Marketing Intern

“My dream is transferring my studies in Environmental Studies into meaningful work!”


Team Kids Mascot

“Bark bark!”

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