Team Kids was honored to be invited to speak at one of the United Nations Association’s – Orange County Chapter (UNA-OC) monthly meetings. Irene Vazquez, Team Kids Program Director, discussed the importance of the Team Kids Challenge and its positive impact on youth.

Dave Rice, President of the UNA-OC, introduced Team Kids after witnessing the transformative Team Kids Challenge himself during Beacon Park Elementary’s final debrief meeting. The leadership team at Beacon Park had voted to donate to the United Nations and their 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to make the world a better place. Team Kids and the United Nations Association discovered that many of the students who participate in the Team Kids Challenge have wishes that align with the SDGs — including but not limited to — ending poverty, ensuring housing for all, addressing the food crisis, combating climate change, and more!

This alignment makes working with an organization like the UNA-OC truly compatible.

Huge thank you to Dave Rice for inviting Team Kids to speak to the United Nations Association about the importance of youth empowerment, and the compassion that ignites their willingness to serve our communities and make a difference.

Dave Rice (President of UNA-OC) and Helene Reola (Treasurer of UNA-OC) at Beacon Park Elementary’s debrief meeting.