Why Be Our Community Partner?

We couldn’t do what we do without our community partners: schools, firefighters, police officers, and non-profit and service organizations. These valuable stakeholders become compassionate mentors, empowering youth as local leaders while building community trust.  

When you partner with Team Kids, you are helping youth grow into changemakers while decreasing high risk behaviors like alcohol abuse, drug use, and violence.

Join us now–let’s strengthen our community, together.

Public Safety Partners

Our partnerships with police officers and firefighters help to change public safety officers’ perceptions of youth, and youth’s perception of public safety officers. After the Team Kids Challenge, more children believe that police officers see them as community contributors. Team Kids youth leadership programs build community trust in a non-enforcement setting.

Education Partners

When children are surrounded by adults who believe in them, they achieve better developmental outcomes, experience fewer disciplinary issues, and see higher attendance rates. As partners, we work side by side to connect youth with positive community role models and unite schools in giving.



“The Team Kids Challenge creates a feeling of both individual and collective service to others among students, staff, and parents by providing activities that promote collaboration with city leaders, local police and fire authorities, and community charities.”
Dr. Jean Mylen, Founding Principal (ret.), Irvine Unified School District, Vista Verde Elementary School

“Team Kids is teaching kids how to use their skills and talent and compassion to help others, and in that process, they develop their own leadership skills [… and police] officers get as much out of it as the young people do.”
Jim McDonnell, Los Angeles Sheriff (ret.)

Service Partner?

Our relationships with fellow youth service organizations focus on shared values and similar missions. Team Kids youth leadership programs–offered at home, school, and in communities–can easily supplement activities offered by organizations such as Boy/Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs.

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