P.S. 106 Edward Everett Hale in Brooklyn, New York, recently concluded its participation in the Team Kids Challenge program. This marks the inaugural participation of Edward Everett Hale in the Team Kids Challenge, joining P.S. 182, The Bilingual Bicultural Mini School, as another school in the Harlem neighborhood.

Over the course of several weeks, 4th and 5th-grade students participated in a series of weekly challenges. Among these challenges was fundraising for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting families and individuals impacted by mental health issues. The culmination of their efforts at a student-run carnival resulted in a remarkable $500 donation to Safe Horizon, the largest victim services nonprofit organization in the United States.

Congratulations to the students for completing the 5-week challenge and making a meaningful impact in their communities!

Throughout this journey, students received guidance from Team Kids Lead Coach Lorraine, Coach Tiana, and several NYPD Youth Coordination Officers. We extend our gratitude to our staff and partners in New York for their support and belief in our youth’s potential to create positive change.