Earlier this month, we celebrated National Pizza Day by delivering heart-shaped pizzas to students and staff at University Park Elementary School in Irvine, CA and PS149 Danny Kaye Elementary School in Brooklyn, NY.

At University Park Elementary, we were joined by Irvine Police who helped students complete their Team Kids Unite kindness pizza activity in the spirit of Random Acts of Kindness Day.

At PS149 Elementary in East Brooklyn, students celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day by surprising a retiring NYPD Detective Lorraine Marin with flowers, balloons and handmade signs thanking her for her service. Following the kindness surprise, Principal Donald and the PS149 staff provided breakfast for Det. Marin and other NYPD Officers.

Left to right: 75 Precinct Neighborhood Coordination Officer, Team Kids Coach Joanna, Detective Marin, Sergeant Tiffany Howell, 75 Precinct Community Affairs Officer, 75 Precinct Youth Coordination Officer