Animal Welfare Service Projects

Discover fun and creative ways to help protect and care for animals!


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Cat Scratcher

Provide your cat with a scratcher to help keep them healthy and happy.

Ages 5 and up

Younger children may require supervision.

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Pet Care Homes

Build a creative home illustrating everything your pet of choice needs.

Ages 5-10 recommended

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Compassion Comics

To exercise empathy and compassion, you will create a comic strip that identifies how an animal in a given scenario may be feeling and to imagine how you can help.

Ages 7 and up

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Pom-Pom Cat Toy

Create this quick and easy cat toy for your furry friend.

Ages 5 and up

Younger children may require supervision.

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Have Service Project Ideas?

Have you ever completed a volunteer service project that you thought was fun and impactful? Do you have a creative project idea in mind? Share your project with us and we may feature it on Team Kids Unite and give you a shoutout on our social media!

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